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Exclusive Interview: Avi Berri


Alright PBC fam, i got the chance to interview somebody that you guys probably don’t know about or don’t know enough of, and that would be the tall and super curvy, Avi Berri! She’s a bit of a newcomer on the scene, in terms of internet popularity, but by what she’s told me in this interview on what she has planned in 2013, this will definitely be Avi Berri’s year! I can’t wait and i know you can’t either! Anyway, I came away from this interview not knowing much about her, to being a fan, to being a big fan, to falling in love lol. She seems like a really cool girl. This was hands down the best interview I’ve done. But anyway, check it out!

P.S. she gave me the exclusive scoop on her leaked video.


Hey Avi! first off I want to say thanks for allowing me to interview you!

You are very welcome and thank you so much for reaching out to me. I am honored and flattered that I came to mind. 

Where are you from?

I am from The Bronx. 

What’s your ethnicity?

Puerto Rican. My mother is from Mayaguez and my father is from Bayamon. 

What are your measurements? 


What was it like growing up with a body like yours?

I hated it lol. Too much sexual attention from older men made me very uncomfortable. Which is why I get upset when people assume I love that kind of attention now. I had men try and kick game to me since I was 12, ain’t a pick up line I haven’t heard. 

How was the High School experience like for you with a body like yours? You get a lot of attention? Were you shy?

I changed schools a lot because my mother loved to move every two years for some strange reason. I was never the girl who got picked on, but I wasn’t the homecoming queen either. I never hung with one crowd or group. One day I would be with the rocker emo kids and the next with the cheerleaders and jocks, I got along with everyone.  All the boys would try to talk to me but I wasn’t focused on them because all my friends were getting pregnant lol. That was like the new trend at one point — “bring your baby to school day” and shit. I was known as the prude virgin, oh well lol. 

Have you always had a big booty? Or did you have to grow into it?

I’ve always had a big booty and hips, it was the boobs I didn’t have until I was in my mid teens. 

You have one of the most incredible bodies I’ve seen! Waist-to-hip ratio crazy! I’m curious, why haven’t you gotten into the urban modeling game with a body like yours? You could be the next big thing!

Thank you :) — I have been approached a million times, but always denied the opportunity. One reason being, because I did not want that attention, cause it was based just off my body and nothing else and it also reminded me of when I was growing up. Another reason was because I was married and my husband wouldn’t approve, and third I have always worked with at-risk youth and didn’t want to send the wrong signals to the teen girls I was working with.

What do you think is the best feature on your body?

My eyes.  

What part of your body do you get complimented on the most?

Men: My ass  

Women: My stomach 

If you could change something about your body, what would it be, if anything?

Although I love my height, I wish I was maybe 3 inches shorter so that I would feel comfortable wearing heels all the time. 

What do you think about girls who enhance their backside?

I feel everyone is entitled to do whatever they feel they want to do as long as it’s for themselves and not to make someone else happy. Also, if it is done in good taste and not exaggerated, then I applaud them. Nothing wrong with fixing something you don’t like. Just don’t lie and say you’re all natural, but you’ve had lipo, ass shots, and breast implants. 

Feel free to answer this question or not, but there was a person who allegedly leaked a video of you recently. What was that all about? Care to explain that whole situation?

Lmao, ok so this is the story: 

I posted a picture of a Louis Vuitton bag on my Instagram. A guy (Boxing manager Marcus Coates) ended up commenting “oh that’s pocket change for me, I can get you that, it’s nothing”. I was with a few of my boys and they was asking how many dudes hit me up with that lame bullshit, we was making a joke of it. Then, my boy said fuck that, reply and see what stupid shit he says back, so I did. He ended up insta dm’ing me his number and asked me to call. My boys was like call, he probably wants to make sure you’re a bitch and not on some cat fish shit lol. So, I called and we had a 5 minute conversation, nothing personal. The next day he calls me and asks me to give him an address so he can send me something. I sent him an address to my friend house lol. The next day my friend Nelia calls me and tells me I have a package at her house. I tell her to open it and it was a $2,500 Yves St Laurent bag. 

Over the next 3 months, Marcus would send me expensive gifts, he sent me an iPhone 5 and clothes and would constantly western union me money. He wanted to pay my phone bill so he called me on 3-way and in order for them to access my account I had to give them my account password. Stupid me, not thinking, I said it and he heard it. For the next two weeks I kept getting password recovery emails from every account I have. He ended up breaking into my email. I guess now that he had something to use against me, he decided to send me a plane ticket to go to LA and see him, me knowing I never had any intentions of meeting this man, I didn’t get on the plane. I felt, ok this was fun but now it’s over lol. 

That was until I received an email from WSHH, and told someone sent them videos of me. I already had been contacted by World Star a few months prior and was asked to do a paid video, so they were already aware of who I was. I had no idea who it was, until Marcus texted me and told me he did it. Knowing he was gonna put it out anyways, I gave permission for them to post only the videos I chose for 24 hours, and then take it down. It reached a million views which shocked not only me but the people over at WSHH. 

Two weeks go by and Marcus continues to call me and beg for me to talk to him. I start going over the emails he sent me and I remember one being forwarded from a females email address. I decided to email her and to my surprise it was his girlfriend lol. So knowing I was going to blow him up to her, I told him I would forgive him for releasing the videos if he sent me some money before 5pm. I had already arranged I speak to Gabby at that time. So he does like the fool that he is and right on time, Gabby calls me and I tell her everything. Then, I texted Marcus, and told him now we are even lol. He thought he was gonna hurt me by exposing me to 1 million people and in reality I exposed him to one, and fucked his entire world up. 

I knew I was never going to meet this man, and knowing that, and also the fact that I am getting into this industry, why would I send him videos of me? I know I have too many tattoos to lie and say it ain’t me. For those who think I leaked it myself, why would I leak a nude video of me for free when I already had been offered a paid video with my clothes on? People can think what they want but that’s what happened. 

Ok, let’s get into some questions that the single guy out there would love to know. First off, are you single?

I am single, and hopefully the single ladies will be reading this as well ;)

What do you look for in a guy?

A man who has enough confidence in himself that he can handle being in a relationship with someone like me. Trust and know that I’m doing this for the money, not for the attention. They can shove that shit, I’ve gotten attention all my life. You know what I didn’t have? Fucking money! So keep the rah rah shit. I rather be cuddled up with my man than in a club at night. If I ain’t getting paid to be in a club, what the fuck am I doing there? A man with as much determination and drive as I have, so we can get this money together. But, I haven’t found that yet so I fuck with bitches to keep me occupied. 

What are your turn-ons & turn-offs when it comes to men?

Turn-Offs: Arrogance, cockiness, and not being affectionate. Men who think they the shit because they have money is a huge turn off. Like why the fuck I care about what you got?? That shit ain’t doing anything for me. 

Turn-Ons: A man who smells like he just stepped out the shower, is well groomed with great hygiene. He also has to have nice hands and nails!!! Also a great sense of humor cause I’m a stoner flick comedy show lover. 

What would be your ideal date?

Anything that doesn’t require crowds and noise. Maybe just a nice dinner so we can talk and joke around just the two of us. 

Do you kiss on the first date?

Depends on how well the date went, but yeah I would. Not no makeout session, just a light friendly tap kiss to say goodnight and thank you. 

If you could whisper some advice in a guy’s head before he approaches you, what would it be?

Man the fuck up. 

Ok, with a body like yours, what are the reactions you get from people? For example, like walking into a room or down the street?

Lmao, I wish you could walk down the block with me and record it cause you would not believe the attention I get. I mean, it’s not rare to see a average height female with a shape like mine, but I am 6’2. Tell me when’s the last time you saw a girl my height with my frame? Plus, I have a sleeve and my entire back is covered as well, so people stop me all the time to ask me who my tattoo artist is. Girls also ask me about my bright red hair all the time.  

What’s the club experience like for you? I bet guys come up to you left and right buying you drinks and wanting to dance, huh?

I have worked as a bouncer for 9 years, so the club experience for me is a tad different. I’m not in the club in a dress and heels. I have on foams, jeans, and a fitted. I know almost all the bouncers that work in The Heights or Dyckman, so when I go out I get respect and love cause I have always given it to them when I was working the club. And I always have my own bottle of Hennessy so I don’t need no dude buying me a drink. I don’t even use a cup, I drink straight out the bottle. No sharing!!! And I am too tall to be dancing with dudes. I don’t want them grinding their dicks on the back of my thighs cause you know damn well they ain’t reaching my ass. I just chill with my bottle and two step lol. 


Are you a thongs or booty shorts type of girl?

Booty shorts. 

What do you wear to bed?

Depends if I am sleeping alone or with someone lol. But on a normal night, just panties and a beater. 

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the strongest, how strong is your sex drive?

If I am in a relationship or seriously dating someone then it’s a 9-10. But if I’m single, then I pretty much don’t have one lol. I need to be more then physically attracted to someone to have sex with them. 

If you could bring only one dessert to the bedroom to involve in your sexual experience with your mate, what would it be?

Hennessy or a blunt. Lmao, the fuck you thought I was gonna say whip cream or chocolate syrup. 

Do you like sex fast & rough or slow & romantic? 

Depends on my mood because I like both. We can start slow and romantic and make love. Then the second round we can go rough and fast, and fuck the shit out of each other. 

What’s your favorite position? And why?

If I’m trying to please myself, then either missionary or me on top. If I’m trying to please him lol, then doggy style of course. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite? :) 

Have you ever had a guy that couldn’t handle all that booty, and therefore couldn’t last in bed with you?

Let’s just say one time we never made it to the bed lol. Just kissing and me sitting on top of him slowly grinding on his lap fully clothed he got his boxers pregnant. In case you’re wondering, nothing happened after that and I never tried with him again. 


What sport would you love to be good at?

Track, because it keeps you healthy and in shape. It’s also a sport that when you are fully dedicated to, it becomes something you need to do rather then want to do. A lot of people play sports and after awhile lose the interest due to life changes. But runners will run in the snow, rain, when they are old, shit even a new mom with a baby carriage lol. It is something they always make time for. 

What super power would you love to have?

The power to heal. 

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

For me to be in a position to take care of my mom and bro financially with them not having to worry about anything. Don’t think I mean that I am thinking this modeling shit is gonna get me to that point. I don’t plan on doing this forever, this is not a career people, I do it for fun. 

Do you have any secret talents? If so, what are they?

I can play the clarinet lol. And when I’m drunk in the shower, and the music is realIy loud, I can sing my ass off lol. 

Would you do a WSHH video? 

Yes, I am preparing for that now. I will be shooting it soon. Follow me on twitter @avi_berri and on Instagram @aviberri_ and I will keep you posted and entertained until then. 

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I graduated Monroe College Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree. I am addicted to Call of Duty lol. I be online with my mic talking crazy shit. I’m pretty good too, not good for a girl, in general haters. 

Ok, what can we expect from Avi Berri in 2013?

I am working on doing a shoot for Straight Stuntin. Also my World Star video as well. Hosting a few parties here and there. Just follow me and I promise to keep you updated on what I’m doing next. Thank you again for the honor of being chosen for an interview. 

Alright, it was great interviewing you Avi! Keep grinding and doing your thing! And again, thanks for allowing me to interview you on! Any last words?

I really want to say thank you to all the people who tweeted me supportive comments. It really meant a lot to me and gave me the strength to say fuck it knowing you guys were on my side. And also thank you to my manager Cheech who seems to always lead me in the right direction. Bye bye.

Avi Berri links:

Twitter: @Avi_Berri

Instagram: AviBerri_

More pics of Avi:







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