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Just reached a new huge milestone of followers! I just wanna take this time to give a big thank you to all those who follow, including the newcomers, and the OG’s, the ones who’s been with PBC for the longest.

Thanks for enjoying what I post, and the type of stuff I post. I’ve never been the type to just post any ‘ol thing just to keep the blog updated, I like to post quality stuff, and quality sometime takes a little time to find (and make), so that’s why you don’t see me flood your timeline everyday, all day. Quality over quantity… basically.

PBC has grown to something I didn’t expect it to become, but glad it did. Anyway, thanks for all the reblogs, likes, messages, etc, and thanks for sticking with PBC, it’s all very much appreciated. So yeah, there goes my little Oscar speech, haha.


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